Claim Your Story

Writing Conference, Ashland, Oregon


No one knows who told the first story or when it was told. After the first star fell from the skies? Or after a hard winter or when twins were born? All we know is that stories bring meaning to our lives and stories matter. Claim Your Story Writers Conference, April 12 at the Lithia Springs Resort in Ashland, is an inspiring opportunity to deepen, improve, and enliven your stories.  Workshops will be taught by talented authors who are also distinguished writing teachers: Robert Arellano, Midge Raymond and Jessica Morrell. No matter where you’re at with your writing process this conference will help you find the heart of your stories, understand story people better, and produce more writing.

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“A writer loves the dark, loves it, but is always fumbling around in the light.” ~ Joy Williams

We come to writing for many reasons. Because it calls our name, invites us. Because we are driven, desperate, drunk with the need to render thoughts into stories. Because we search for truth.  Because stories matter.

We also stall and stumble as writers for as many reasons. We are ill equipped. We are afraid. There are too many choices. The marketplace of words is too vast.  Old sorrows come calling when we sit at our desk.  We feel overwhelmed by the task, the complexity, the endurance required to submit to the page. We don’t know how to begin, how to find the right voice, how to add complexity, how to end.

But there comes a time when the calling breaks through the angst, the doubt, the fumbles. When you’re ready to claim your place and claim your story.

If you’re at this juncture, or if your writing needs more depth, more truth, more of you, this day is meant for you.

The  Claim Your Story Writer’s Conference is now a twice-yearly event. The next conference is scheduled for April 12, 2014. It takes place at the charming Lithia Springs Resort in Ashland, Oregon. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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