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Writing Conference, Ashland, Oregon


LSR-May-bloom920Lithia Springs Resort, Ashland, Oregon

Details: Cost: $125 includes catered lunch and beverages.

If you stay at the resort there is a discounted rate that includes breakfast.

Lithia Springs Resort is located in Ashland, Oregon. Your can find more information about this charming resort here. Attendees can stay at a discounted price that includes breakfast.

Here is the contact form:

Please add a few notes about where you are with your writing process. 

To register:  Fill in the form and send to  Jessica at jessicapage (at)spiritone (dot) com  Also contact her for any questions or concerns, including dietary restrictions.

This event require pre-registration and payment. Space is limited, so register early. Payments can be made by check or through PayPal. When you register, please include your email address and cell phone number. You will be contacted with a confirmation.

 Mailing address: Jessica Morrell, P.O. Box 820141, Portland, OR 97282-1141

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